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At Fishing Nets Online we pride ourselves in selling a quality selection of fishing landing nets for musky, muskie, walleye, crappie, smallmouth and largemouth bass, panfish, salmon, and trout. 


Brand we carry:

Beckman™ Net & Fishing Products offers tough and practical premium landing fishing nets. The company started in the mid 1960s when Milo Beckman, a discriminating Wisconsin angler, designed a new class of landing nets that were durable, strong, long-lasting, easy to handle and fully functional. At the time, poor-quality fishing nets were the rule, but Beckman wasn't willing to settle for second-rate gear.


Beckman's knack for mechanical engineering enabled him to design and hand-assemble fishing nets according to his specifications and high standards. Word spread fast among guides and serious fishermen. As demand for Beckman's top-quality landing nets soared, his sons Bruce and Jim Beckman partnered to develop the legendary diverse line of trustworthy Beckman nets.


Milo Beckman's standard for providing fishing nets that boast durable construction and functional design is evident in all Beckman products. Beckman Net & Fishing Products uses the finest materials: drawn aluminum handles and strong extruded aluminum hoops that don't bend; there are no welded seams; products come with life-time guaranteed yokes and superior Beckman™ bag materials. Beckman nets provide industry-leading choice and quality. Varied net designs and sizes meet the specialized needs of modern sport fishing, regardless of species, size or fishing style.


Original Beckman nets feature Beckmanet™ bags. These are the best bag you can build in terms of material components, design and construction. Beckmanet bags feature super-strong, bonded, commercial nylon seine material, the kind used by large commercial fishermen. Each fishing net bag features 300-pound, test-bonded nylon, which can hold any fish that fits in the net. Even in high currents, the bags stay open and don't float. Netting is evenly distributed so fish rest more in the bottom of the net instead of "nose down" and tail out.


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